Our Services

Residential Interior Works

Zawaya has a reputation for exceptional finishes. We work as the main contractors to execute the project consistent with the designs provided by the client. Using state-of-the-art materials, focusing on excellent finishing, and staying up to date with current trends along with a special consideration for your personal taste, Zawaya team ensures that your home is stylish and delivered to your specific requirements. We understand that the interiors of your home should be your own reflection and therefore, our team always keeps in mind that every space of your house has an essence of its own. We execute your styling and furnishing needs, and we get them right down to the last detail.

Residential Exterior Works

Whether you are planning to renovate your house exterior or require modern timber cladding for your new house or want to beautify your deck or fence, we’ve got you covered at Zawaya! As a specialist in residential exterior wood works, we offer end-to-end services including architecture timber panelling, timber weatherboards and wood cladding work. We allow our customers to choose from a wide range of wood colours and offers the expert advice in finding the right exterior stain for them. Our factory is fully equipped to manufacture timber components to specifically suit your varying needs and is backed by our highly skilled experts with many years of experience.

Commercial Projects

As an end-to-end wooden manufacturer in UAE, we take care of your entire requirements starting from the initial enquiry to final delivery of goods. Our many years of expertise and modern range of equipment for sawing, cutting and finishing ensure that the produced goods are to your exact specification and meets world-class quality standards. We take pride of our streamlined and automated processes which allow us to offer quick turnaround time and consistent service.

Zawaya Industries L.L.C. takes full control of the project from the early stages of the contract, optimizing your requirement until the completion of the project. Zawaya provides complete integration of design and on-site execution so that you get efficient and quality-oriented construction when you move in.

Skincare And Cosmetics Boutiques And Counters

At Zawaya, we understand that skincare boutiques and cosmetic counters need the glitter and glamor to attract clients. Therefore, we put in extra effort to execute the most sophisticated and ultramodern stores for our customers and theirs. Whether you’re looking for a spa setup or a regular skincare studio, Zawaya has got you covered. Count on us to execute your project with high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship so that you can provide your clients with the tranquil and chic atmosphere at your skincare and cosmetics boutique.

Temporary And Permanent Sales And Events Centers

When you need to narrate your brand story to the customers, you need exquisite displays and event centers to communicate with your target audience. Impress upon your potential clients with stunning event setup. From customized display units to temporary kiosks for the public area to permanent sales and event centers, Zawaya can deliver it all. Count on our experience and expertise to deliver witty and functional centers that would have a lasting impression on your buyers and potential clients who are looking to buy your products or services.

TV Studios

From multipurpose sound stages to completely integrated and automated live play-out facilities, team Zawaya can provide you with the precise custom studio solutions designed to meet specific production requirements of all scales. From control rooms, editing suites, voice-over booths, newsrooms, offices and staff facilities, Zawaya will provide a 360-degree service for structural design, tailored builds and retro-fitting. The spaces that we execute induce a perfect atmosphere for artists, performers, and engineers, producers to do their best work.